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Oberland potatoes

 The Tiroler Oberland region has some of the oldest and best known potato growing areas of the country. Potatoes are ideally suited to the climate of Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte with its major swings in temperature and develop an excellent and mild nutty flavour.

The times when the nutritious tubers provided mainly cheapm food for the poor are history. in modern-day cuisine, the potato is appreciated for its relatively low amount of edible energy, compared to a high amount of all the essential minerals, amino acids and starch, which is a good source of sugar and rich source of energy. It is the main ingredient for the delicious Tiroler Gröstl dish, one of the things you should never miss out on your holiday. The best opportunity is certainly a pleasant walk along the Cuisine Trail.

The first highlight of the potato season is the traditional "Potato Feast" at the beginning of July, the next date on the gastronomy diary being the potato Fair in Silz, every year at the beginning of September. It's the traditional thanksgiving celebration of the potato farmers in and around the village. Other regional potato feasts are held in autumn, in Flaurling, in Oberhofen, and in Wildermieming.